Event Live Streaming Company in Sydney, Australia




Jamin Mclean (Production Manager/Director) Caleb Mclean (Videographer/Business and Accounts Management/Director)

Go Live Australia is a Sydney Live Streaming company that not only specialises in live streaming Sydney events, we can also live stream from all over Australia. We have a team of professional live stream operators and videographers. Over the last few years, we have turned our focus from mainstream videoing to specialise in live event streaming as there is no comparison when it comes to the excitement of a live event compared to post-production.

Live streaming is such a growing industry and almost a must-have in this technological age for any event to be a success. We take pride in not only delivering a high-quality live streaming service for our growing client base but also live streaming our own events. Go Live Australia can help you in broadcasting any events and live streaming Australian events to the world.

If you have any further questions or would like a quote for any Sydney live streaming services or Live streaming anywhere within Australia. Our experienced team are more than happy to discuss what you can achieve for your event then potentially send our operators with portable equipment to Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra or Hobart to Live to stream your event.

Some of our clients include:

Sony, Optus, Coca-Cola, Bauer Media, NSW Government, KOI University, Professionals Australia, Engineers Australia, Women’s Agenda just to name a few.