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DIY live streaming rental devices

Teradek Bond 757-CUBE 755+ Bond Package - Go Live Australia

Are you a freelance videographer looking to take your video content to the next level? Statists show that more than 80% of online audiences would rather watch a live streaming video than a standard online video via a platform similar to YouTube. Our live streaming rental do-it-yourself device enables you to live stream sports event’s at a stadium, a business

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Video Camera Hire and Live streaming Services Sydney

Go live have been providing professional live stream services for over 5 years now for all types of industries including, corporate, weddings, medical, sports, education, fashion, entertainment to name a few. Although covering a broad range of industries and many different types of events over the years, we are continually receiving inquiries to live stream something different every week. This

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Facebook live Streaming Facts

Facebook live has taken the live streaming media world by storm. With almost 80 per cent of online video audiences watching live streaming content on the largest social media platform in the world, Facebook. Even gaining larger audiences/ views than YouTube and Vimeo. According to studies by live stream tech company Woza, This is evident with 17 per cent of

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Go Live are now selling Live Streaming equipment.

We are excited to announce, that Go Live is now selling the quality live streaming equipment we use in our productions. With many years experience within the live streaming industry, we feel comfortable sharing our knowledge and expertise with anyone engaging in purchasing live streaming equipment. When buying live streaming equipment, our start to finish consultancy and support is vital

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Some general questions our clients ask?

Live webcasting is not is something common, so with many years experience in the live webcasting industry. We are asked on a regular basis how Live webcasting works or how we could host our own Live webcast. Below are some Q and A’s we are commonly asked, hope you enjoy. Q; What are the best live webcasting practices to achieve

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We now hire professional camera’s and live streaming equipment

If you have a future event that requires audio and visual equipment for one day or a short period of time. Instead of outlaying thousands of dollars on the equipment, you may only use once or a couple of times, then blowing the budget on your event. It makes more sense to hire a commercial grade camera and audio equipment

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Event Cinema Go Live with Live Interactions between Sydney, Melbourne and London for Steven Spielberg’s latest movie Ready Player One.

The Australian premiere of Steven Spielberg’s latest movie ready player one was held at Sydney’s and Melbourne central Event cinema on the 20th of March. The non-Fiction Sci-FI Movie that is based on a virtual reality world has received excellent ratings, plus impressed critics worldwide. For this premiere, we set up a live link between Sydney, Melbourne and London by

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Good practices to implement before you live stream your event.

We find when clients hold their first live stream event, the planning process and all the technical lingo that goes with the live production can be overwhelming for the client. This blog will explain some of the technical jargon and overwhelming situations you may be nervous about when Live streaming your event and what we can do to reduce the

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The truth about Live webcasting

Live webcasting is a growing trend…. Don’t believe us? Statistics don’t lie, check-out the fascinating statistics compiled by which we have outlined below – enjoy the read J Did you know more than 80% of Internet and mobile audiences watched more live video in 2016 as compared to 2015 and streaming video accounts for over two-thirds of all Internet

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our live streaming services span across the country.

At Go Live Australia our live streaming services span across the country. Wherever you want to live stream from we can help you. Amazing you say! How do you do it? Is it reliable? These are common questions that are asked. The answer is that the equipment we use for our live streaming productions is portable and compact allowing us

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