Teradek Bond Rental & Hire

Livestream from Anywhere with a Teradek Bond Hire from Go Live Australia

Livestream from Anywhere with a Teradek Bond Hire from Go Live Australia

At Go Live Australia, we talk a lot about the potential benefits of livestreaming an event. A livestream can expand the reach of your messaging, boost your exposure and yield superior engagement numbers—among other perks. However, while livestreaming an event is almost always beneficial, it isn’t always easy. Depending on where you are trying to livestream from, you may or may not have the signal necessary to send off a quality video transmission. With a Teradek Bond rental from Go Live Australia, you can circumnavigate these challenges and keep broadcasting—no matter where you are.

What Is the Teradek Bond?

Ideally, when you sit down to broadcast a livestream, you will have a stable internet or cellular signal. Sometimes, though, you might want to stream from a place where the signal is weak, be it out in the wilderness somewhere or in a sporting venue where thousands of people (and their phones) are jamming the network.

The Teradek Bond device can be a lifesaver in these situations. With a Teradek Bond hire, you get a top-tier streaming transmitter, one that can bond multiple networks together to provide a stronger transmission signal. With wireless, wired and ethernet capabilities, the Teradek Bond delivers a range of methods to increase signal quality. As a result, when you stream video using the Teradek Bond, you end up with crisp, clear high definition video—regardless of where you are. The Teradek Bond can handle up to six 3G or 4G modems at once, instead of just one. So, even if you can’t get a good signal using a single modem or device, the Teradek Bond will usually not have any problems.

By combining multiple sources to configure a single reliable signal, this device clears the main hurdle that some businesses face when trying to livestream; connectivity problems. At worst, trying to livestream on a bad connection can result in your footage cutting out intermittently. At best, your viewers will likely end up dealing with grainy video footage—not ideal for audience engagement or retention. The Teradek Bond not only achieves a higher quality video stream but also makes it easy to stream that video to whichever platform you prefer—be it Facebook Live, Vimeo or something else.

Hire a Teradek Bond for More Reliable Livestreaming

When you decide to livestream your event, you need to commit to offering a quality experience for your audience members. Sometimes, achieving quality with a livestream is easier said than done. With a Teradek Bond hire from Go Live Australia, though, you can produce a high-quality stream from anywhere. We can also provide any other equipment you might require for your livestream, including cameras, audio visual equipment, lighting systems, vision switchers and more.

Are you interested in learning more about our Teradek Bond rental services? To ask any questions you may have about the device or how our equipment hire options work, feel free to contact us directly.